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While many of us may have experienced the traditional approach to schooling, it is also important for us to reflect beyond our own experiences. The following collection of video clips explores some of the approaches to and issues around educating young people - these are the virtual school visits.

The videos deliberately cover early childhood to senior secondary school contexts – the core messages and pedagogical principals (the dimensions of practice) are relevant across different aged learners.

As you carry out the virtual school visits you will find it helpful to complete a Virtual School Visit Record for each of them - [can download the Virtual School Visit Record Templage from here. The record sheet aims to support you in:

  • comparing and contrasting different approaches to supporting learners (thinking about dimensions of practice)
  • thinking about how the key concepts that we look at on this course relate to different approaches to schooling
  • working out your own views about your practice – the sort of teacher you want to be

Here is the list of virtual school visits:
1. Homeschooling
2. Unschooling
3. Democratic education (inc. School Circles and Student Voice)
4. Big Picture
5. Forest schools
6. Virtual schooling
7. Montessori
8. Steiner
9. Finland's school system
10. Innovative schools internationally
12. Positive Education
13. Single sex or co-ed?
14. Inclusive education