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About Terry Freedman

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I'm based in the UK, and have over thirty years’ experience in education. Specialising in information and communication technology (ICT), I have taught in inner city schools, been Head of Department, worked at the Qualification and Curriculum Authority and held a 3rd tier officer post – Head of E-Education – in a London local education authority. I was also an Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) inspector for ICT and Business Education, have worked with the private sector advising on government policy and bidding for funds and have advised government agencies on specific issues.

I was the Chair of the Executive committee of the ICT subject association, Naace, a few years ago. I am now a Fellow of Naace, Mirandanet and the Royal Society of Arts, and am a member of the British Computer Society.

In these positions, and in my subsequent work as an independent consultant (since 2004), I have been engaged in helping organisations devise policy and interpret government strategies to their own situation.

I enjoy writing, having had over 3000 articles published in periodicals such as the Technology and Learning, Times Educational Supplement, Managing Schools Today, Primary Leadership Today and The Guardian's website. I have also written several books, including the well-received Managing ICT, and am a member of the UK’s Society of Authors. I'm currently working on a book about Bring Your Own Technology.

I also maintain my own website ICT in Education, and publish a free e- newsletter, Computers in Classrooms, which is read widely by headteachers, teachers, advisors and other ICT “champions”, both in the UK and abroad.