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I did a BSc in Philosophy & Psychology (at Leeds and York - Toronto), then trained to teach (IoE). I completed my NQT year in Saffron Walden, teaching Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Citizenship while finishing off an MA in Philosophy of Education (IoE). I then did an MPhil in Educational Research Methods (Cambridge), and am moving on to a PhD (OU). I research the relationship between views on 'knowledge', and how individuals and policies deal with information/knowledge (focussing on search engines). This is interesting in the context of OER given high quality resources might be there, but access alone is probably not enough. In the context of EdFutures I'm particularly interested in:

  • The relationship between how we understand 'knowledge' and new technologies
  • How we can represent 'knowledge', 'information' and possibly other categories of 'stuff' about the world
  • The relationship between philosophy of mind and technology - the Extended Mind thesis of Andy Clark (which I wrote my MA thesis on) is of interest here. Denmark experimented with students having access to the internet during exams; this looks like a very different notion of mind to that implied by English assessment systems

I tweet @sjgknight

I curate at on search engines, information literacy and information retrieval in educational contexts.

I blog for Nominet Trust on bits of my research and ICT in society. My homepage and blog is at