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I am passionate about enhancing education so as to make it fit for purpose in the 21st Century. I am very torn between working within the existing education system (which is what EdFutures aims to do) and acknowledging that in order to create an optimal education system we need to start from scratch, which is what the Schome Initiative (which I founded in 2004) aims to do.

Find out more from my (out of date) CV in a wiki (well nobody will edit it) or go wild and download the pdf - which is probably a bit less out of date or check out my ORCID record by scanning the QR code on the left.

Or check out some of the other sites that contain info about my work, such as:

Follow me on Twitter @PeterT

Some presentations I have made

Panel following Jonty Rix's inaugural lecture re Purposes of education (starting at 1:49:36) 16-Nov-2017

Assessment talk at BTL's 30th Anniversary celebration July-2015 (video)

Interview about the Schome Park Project Feb-2009 (Leon Cych's blog with embedded video)

Mentions in the media

Interview by pupils at Westfields Junior School about the NP3 Project

Articles I have written in The Conversation

Michael Hammond, Post seminar notes: theory and theorising. Warwick University Centre for Education Studies, 13-Sept-2017

Gerald Haigh, Why the government's computer science strategy is completely wrong, Schools Week, 7-Jul-2016

Crispin Weston Learning content customisation and adaptation, Ed Tech Now, 4-June-2013

Charlotte Curl, Big Society and CPD: Seminar by Peter Twining, Director of Vital at BETT 2011, Professional Learning Blog from IRIS Connect, 14-Jan-2011

Stuff for me to add/do in EdFutures