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I'm Julia Gillen of Lancaster University. I'm extremely interested in the interplay between school students' out-of-school and school practices and many other issues relating to education and technology. I'm fascinated by the creative ways some teachers manage to innovate in the classroom, whatever the policy climate in the immediate and more general surroundings. My interests extend beyond formal institutions: I'm currently looking into digital humanities and crowdsourcing.

Going back ummm quite a while I did my doctoral research in young children's use of the telephone. I investigated not just actual use of the telephone as a dialogic tool but also how children involved pretend telephone talk in play. I still have a strong regard for the place of the imagination in learning, and of recognising the importance of the environment (including people in it!) in holistic understandings of teaching and learning.

My academic profile is here.

I'm looking forward to discussing issues of mutual interest in this space.