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IRL: Joe Corneli, homepage:

I'm a Ph. D. student at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University, UK. My thesis is about "peer supported problem solving and mathematical knowledge".

I go by Arided on Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and I also contributed a bunch of content and editorial support to the Peeragogy project.

Oct 4, 2012. The picture about STEM education is starting to take form at STEM curriculum and graduation rates. Mostly I've dealt with the transition from school to higher/further education. Next I want to get into some detail of how far people get within school. Arided 08:59, 4 October 2012 (BST)

Sept 26, 2012. I'll start to work on ICT Curriculum and the current status of use of computers in classrooms ("embedded across the curriculum"), hoping to spin off from there to get a picture of the state of the art of STEM education in schools more broadly (how many graduates, what are their qualifications, what do they go on to do, questions about diversity and socioeconomic inclusiveness, etc.).