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Amelia Hempel-Jorgensen
I'm an educational researcher at The Open University and research fellow on the NP3 project. I'm part of the core management team and coordinator for strands 2 and 3 of the project. My research interests relate to social justice and education and how we can develop more socially just pedagogies to enable positive experiences of schooling and good outcomes, for all children to benefit from education.

So far, my research has focussed on how educational inequalities are produced in the English education system, particularly in relation to dominant discourses about social class and gender and also the effects on pedagogy of 'disadvantaged' children's perceived emotional and behavioural needs and teachers' often deficit perceptions of children's social class backgrounds. My recent research has focussed on the role of learner agency both in developing more socially just pedagogies and in how it enables children to engage in meaning-making and knowledge construction.