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What is the 'Digital Sonic Landscapes of Learning Project?'

It is research looking at how and why students craft their learning environments through sound. Why sound? In this project, sound is any sonic text, such as: music and tones to audio scriptures and prayers. This research looks at students who use a variety of sonic texts to invariably create a variety of environments to learn or study in. So there are a few key questions that I hope to answer in this project, which are: why are they doing this? How are they going about it? How does it impact their learning? And what can we learn from it?

Listening practices are often conducted through the use of several digital technologies such as: mobiles, tablets, iPods and laptops when learning and studying. Although some of these technologies may not be allowed in classrooms, students nonetheless utilise them during independent study and on a daily basis. Therefore schools and colleges need to better informed about the positive learning practices, strategies and environments students wish to emulate through such practices.

By conducting classroom visits, student surveys, teacher and student interviews, data will be collected on:

   1. the learning environments created through the use of sonic texts
   2. students' learning backgrounds and dispositions 
   3. and the sonic practices students engage in 

This could provide insight on students' learning and management strategies, learning desires and how they cope with learning difficulties or challenges. The study's findings could also provide information on how to keep students engaged as well as inform us on how to help craft inclusive, comfortable and productive learning environments.

Interested in finding out more about this project or in participating?

What you need to know:

- I am looking for Heads of Schools, Managers, GCSE and A' Level teachers of any subject in schools and colleges, preferably in South East England - to keep costs down.

- Contact details:

- I have an active DBS.

- I have permission to conduct research in schools and colleges from the Open University's Ethics Committee

Additional background information:

- This research is a PhD project that is funded by the Open University, the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology(CREET).

Memory Malibha-Pinchbeck

The research will be conducted by Memory Malibha-Pinchbeck. I am a research student located within the Faculty of Education and Language Studies (FELS). For more information: