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This page provides links to reports of studies into the implementation of digital technology strategies in schools.

These studies and our analyses of relevant literature are being used to inform the development of emerging trends in schools and strategic advice on digital technology strategies.

The Vital Case Studies

A number of case studies have been carried out in schools around England to examine a number of key technology initiatives. These include Bring your own device (BYOD), Bring your own technology (BYOT), 1:1 computing, Digital Leaders, Flipped classrooms and Cloud computing.

They all shared the same basic methodology and research instruments.

1:1 Computing with iPads at ESSA Academy, Bolton 1:1 Computing Dr Steven Naylor and Dr David Menendez Alvarez-Hevia
1:1 Computing with iPods touch at Norris Bank Primary School, Manchester 1:1 Computing Dr David Menendez Alvarez-Hevia and Dr Steven Naylor
ICT Usage Policies at St Nicholas CofE Primary Blackpool Responsible use policies Dr Stephen Musgrave
1:1 Computing at Bowes Primary School, London Borough of Enfield 1:1 Computing Janet Chapman
Chad Varah Primary School Case Study, Lincoln 1:1 Computing Yvonne Walker
Using iPads 2 Preston Park Primary School Wembley 1:1 Computing Dr Glenys Hart
Digital Leaders at Long Lee Primary School Digital Leaders Dave Murray
Moving to Cloud Computing at Campsmount Cloud computing Theo Kuechel
Innovating into Cloud Computing at Manchester Communication Academy Cloud computing James Duggan
1:1 Programme at Perins School in Hampshire 1:1 Computing Dr Christian Bokhove
Harrogate Grammar School 1:1 Computing Terry Freedman
Moving to Cloud Computing at St Thomas's Church of England Primary School Cloud computing Dr Jill Collison
Digital Leaders at Parkside Creative Learning Trust Digital Leaders Dr Jill Collison
1:1 Computing in a Special School,Cambridge Park Academy, Grimsby 1:1 Computing Yvonne Walker
The use of 1:1 computing at Brooke School, Rugby 1:1 Computing Terry Waller
Using iPads in a London School BOYD/BYOT Dr Christina Preston
Using iPads in a school in the South East BOYD/BYOT Dr Christina Preston
Using android devices in a school in a coastal town BOYD/BYOT Dr Christina Preston
The Flipped Classroom - Gonville Academy Flipped classrooms Richard Allen
1 to 1 Computing - iPads at Longfield Academy 1:1 Computing Richard Allen

The Snapshot Studies

These studies were carried out between September and December 2013 in Australia. They used a similar methodology to the Vital Case Studies.

Link to report Focus Authors
Snapshot Study 1:
1:1 Tablet PCs in Year 8
1:1 Computing Paul Newhouse & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 2:
1:1 Tablet PCs in Year 8
1:1 Computing Martin Cooper & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 3:
Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) in Years 8 to 12
BYOT Jenny Lane & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 4:
From 1:1 iPods in Years 7 to 9 to BYOT in Years 10 & 11
1:1 Computing & BYOT Romina Jamieson-Proctor & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 5:
1:1 in a Catholic secondary school
1:1 Computing & Tablets Petrea Redmond & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 6:
BYO iPads in a K-12 independent school
1:1 Computing & BYOT Jason Zagami & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 7:
BYO iPads in a state primary school
1:1 Computing & BYOT Damian Maher & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 8:
BYO iPads in another state primary school
1:1 Computing & BYOT Damian Maher & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 12:
BYOT in a state secondary school
1:1 Computing & BYOT Andrew Fluck & Peter Twining
Snapshot Study 13:
BYOT in another state secondary school
1:1 Computing & BYOT Andrew Fluck & Peter Twining

Analysis of these Snapshot Studies contributed to the refinement and extension of the emerging trends.

Other studies

Please feel free to add links to your own research into digital technology strategies here ...