NP3 Case Study data collection documents

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Document name Description Type Used with/by
[ Data collection overview] Summary of data collection Info Researcher
[ Consent checklist] Record participant details and confirm when consent forms collected Template Researcher
[ Background data] Contextual info Template Researcher
[ Head Info] Info Head
[ Head consent form] Head & School access Consent Head
[ Head discussion guide] School vision & priorities, Guide Head
[ Facilitator Info] Info Facilitator
[ Facilitator consent form] Consent Facilitator
[ School overview guide ] Getting a feel for the context and ethos Guide Researcher
[ School tour guide] Formal tour – looking at pedagogy in classrooms Guide Researcher
[ Pupil log info ] Re Pupil logs Info Log pupils
[ Pupil log consent form] Re Pupil logs Consent Log pupils
[ Pupil Log briefing guide] For briefing Guide Researcher
[ Pupil log interview guide ] Follow up on Pupil log Guide Log pupils
[ Carer Interview info ] Re Parent/carer interviews Info Parents/Carers
[ Parent/Carer Interview consent form] Re parent interview Consent Carers
[ Parent/Carer interview guide] Re ICT use at home/school Guide Carers
[ Teacher info] Re interview, observation, debrief and questionnaire Info Teachers who are observed
[ Teacher consent form] Consent Teachers who are observed
[ Focus Group info] Re observation and group interview Info Focus group pupils
[ Focus Group consent form] Consent Focus group pupils
[ Teacher interview guide] Guide Teachers who are observed
[ Observation guide ] Pedagogy (and ICT use) Guide Teachers Focus group pupils
[ Focus Group interview guide] ICT use in school Guide Focus group pupils
[ Teacher Debriefing guide] Guide Teachers who are observed
[ ICT Coordinator info] Re ICT Coordinator questionnaire. Info re ICT provision in school & 1 eg of use Info ICT Coordinator
[ ICT Coordinator consent form] Consent ICT Coordinator
[ ICT Coordinator questionnaire] Questionnaire ICT Coordinator
[ Other Teachers info] Re Teacher questionnaire Info Teachers who are not observed
[ Other Teachers consent form] Consent Teachers who are not observed
[ Teacher questionnaire] 3 egs of use Questionnaire Teachers
[ Other Teachers discussion guide] Follow up on Teacher questionnaire Guide Teachers who are not interviewed