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Feel free to add your suggestions for using digital technology to enhance Maths. Remember that all content is added by community members - you must use your professional judgement to evaluate their appropriateness for your context.

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The Search engines page includes a brief section which discusses the use of the internet in exams in Denmark - including in maths exams. It might be useful to contrast this model with the sorts of perspectives implicated by other assessment regimes.

In a similar vein, [Computer Based Math] are keen to highlight the important of computation in conceptually challenging (and interesting) maths, in contrast to what they argue is an overemphasis on calculation in many current systems.

Top Tips

A URL to a relevant website PLUS a brief summary of what is on that website and how to use it to enhance your subject teaching

Lesson ideas

A link to another page in where you explain how to use some digital technology to enhance teaching of your subject

Other stuff

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