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The iPad is probably the most well known tablet, and can take credit for establishing the popularity of tablets with consumers and educators.

e7 iPad loan scheme

The e7 Project provides schools with the opportunity to borrow 40 iPads plus peripherals and be supported in using them effectively for one term. The scheme is run by Jigsaw24, who are an Apple Education reseller. It is therefore a marketing activity (and as such I wouldn't normally mention it in EdFutures.net), but does seem like a win-win situation as it provides schools with a great opportunity to pilot the use of iPads before making decisions about their digital technology strategy.

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Stories of using iPad in Classrooms

There are lots of teachers and educators experimenting with the use of iPad in the classroom. The case studies demonstrates how iPads are being used in education environments around the world with great success. If you have iPad stories from your classroom, do share it with us on the case studies page.

iPad guides

The Jigsaw24 Guide to iPad series consists of 20+ videos (in YouTube) ranging from deciding which iPad is right for you to using iTunes you (with your iPad).

iPads for education is a website from the Victoria (Australia) department of education - much of the info is not iPad specific even though it is all framed as being about iPads.