IPad case studies in school

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This section lists interesting case studies, blogs, examples, and stories of using iPads and Tablets in schools from England and around the world.

  • Case studies from Australia - Lists examples on how ipads are integrated across the curriculum in a few Victorian schools in Australia. It also lists the apps that children use for immersive and personalised learning experience.
  • Case of using iPad in a Singapore school-Learn about 1:1 iPad pilot in a Singapore school, which was launched with an objective to engage, excite, and empower students.The case study briefly describes about iPad roll out process, various stages of it's implementation, and few useful apps which were used during the pilot study.
  • Learning In Burlington-The blogging space of the Burlington Public Schools Assistant Superintendent for Learning, describing 1:1 iPad learning series and lessons learned in his school.
  • iPads in Primary Education - A blog by David Andrew, a teacher at Spring Cottage Primary School on his school's iPad journey and experiences.The blog contains links to other blogs, and information about apps which can be used creatively across the curriculum to engage children in learning in the classroom.
  • Using iPad for Algebra - A year-long pilot study using iPads instead of textbooks in a San Francisco eighth-grade algebra class showed that 78 percent of students (iPad users) scored Proficient or Advanced on the state test, compared to only 59 percent of their other fellow students. Learn more about student and teacher experiences, and see a slide show from the classroom.
  • iPad Adoption is curated by Digital Maverick and describes itself as "A clutch of stories relating to school adoption of iPads". It contains links to lots of articles about iPad use in schools - looks like a very useful source.
  • iPads in Kindergarten - Blog of a veteran Kindergarten teacher, Carrie Both from Chicago on her experience with full 1:1 iPad use with kindergarten kids.
  • School using iPad to go paperless - Learn how the 10th graders in Katrina Kennett’s English class at Plymouth South High School in the UK, engaged in transforming the traditional research process to a completely paperless one using iPads.
  • Anderson (2012)-Duke students use iPads to engage with Chinese students, overcoming language and culture barriers, by the use of iPad apps. (accessed 26-Sept-2012)
  • iPad research project by Blackpool City Learning Centre-A report by Blackpool LITES (a teacher to teacher technology support network), experiment with two secondary school maths projects using individual iPads. A summary of some national views on iPads is also included.
  • iPad research studies - List of detailed methodology adopted by various institutions to assess the effectiveness of the iPad as a learning tool. These case studies will provide insights into training methods adopted for the teachers, the purpose of using iPads, and relevant findings.
  • Small Collection of iPad Studies - Includes links to studies in Victoria, Australia(also mentioned above); Macquarie University, Australia and Kent, UK; there is also a study on reading with iPads, and a speculative piece gauging student and tutor interest in iPads, and their potential use in language learning.