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New to using a wiki? Here are some tips for navigating the pages, taking part in discussion threads and editing pages

The NP3 pages - and the EdFutures website as a whole - are designed to be interactive - we are aiming to build a community of people interested in the NP3 project. We're keen to hear your views on the project and on pedagogy and digital technology more generally. If you are involved in any work (research, teaching etc) on these topics we would really like to hear about them.

To sign up for your own account, click on the 'create account' link on the top right hand corner of the screen and complete your profile and you can upload a picture to. You'll need an account to be able to post messages, respond to or start new threads and edit pages.

A good place to start, whenever you visit EdFutures, is the 'recent changes' link on the left hand margin. This page tells you all the latest changes on EdFutures including changes to pages and new discussion threads and replies. At the top of the page there is a box with a number of links to press for various viewing options, including the number of days. In addition to specifying how far back you want to go, make sure you press the 'show' bots option to show changes made my the people who started the wiki. They are also core members of the NP3 team. You can then click on any link in the list of changes to see what the change was.

To navigate the pages, use the links on the left hand margin. Many of the pages are not listed there so it is well worth looking at the contents list page for a list of everything on the EdFutures website. All the NP3 pages are linked onto the main NP3 page.

To start a new discussion topic or reply to an existing one: on each page on EdFutures there is a 'page' and 'discussion' tab. If you click on the 'discussion' tab it will take you to the discussion page where you can post a new thread or respond to a discussion already underway, if you are logged in. To start a new discussion, simply click on the 'new discussion' link which will bring up a new text box which you can write in. To reply to someone else's message, you click on the 'reply' link in the bottom right hand corner of the text box. There is a link called 'ask questions and discuss the project' on the main project website, where you can of course post questions, etc, but feel free to do this on any of the pages.

If you have any problems or questions there is a 'help' link on the left hand margin with a number of topics advising you on how to edit pages. You can also ask one of the NP3 team members PeterT, FionaH or Amelia H-J.

Hope you enjoy EdFutures!