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This page provides links to a number of provocations - video clips, articles and other material that suggest the need for schooling to change. Working through Part 2 should take about two hours - could be more if you are diligent about taking notes.

2.1 Intro
2.2 Provocation 1 - Shift Happens
2.3 Provocation 2 - Education today and tomorrow
2.4 Provocation 3 - How we learn
2.5 Provocation 4 - From the Schome website
2.6 Provocation 5 - I need my teachers to learn
2.7 Provocation 6 - A vision for K12 students today
2.8 Provocation 7 - A journal article about Schome Park
2.9 Provocation 8 - The school that I'd like


This asks you to create your own provocation that describes how you think schooling should be and persuades people of the need to move towards your vision for schooling. Having created it you should share it with friends and family - extend the debate!

Who knows how long it will take you to do this - allow two hours.

3.1 Your final task