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The Education Technology Action Group (ETAG) was set up in February 2014 by three ministers: Michael Gove, Matthew Hancock and David Willetts.

ETAG's mission was to promote the use of digital technology across the schools, further education and higher education sectors for the benefit of students, employers and the wider economy. For more details see

As of mid-July ETAG had come up with a draft paper to go to the ministers for initial feedback. However, before this could happen there was a cabinet reshuffle and Gove was moved out from the schools brief. At this point it is unclear how the new minister will feel about the ETAG initiative ...

Following a change of ministers in July ETAG's future looked dubious. However, ETAG was revitalised and will be reporting in January (to coincide with BETT).

The ETAG report was published on the 23rd Jan 2015.