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The Digital Technology Impact Framework (DTIF)

Is an updated version of The Computer Practice Framework (CPF), which reflects changes in the digital technology available for use in schools. Terminology in the DTIF has also been updated to reflect redefinitions of key terms, including:

  • Computing - the specialist subject which includes strands of computer science, information technology, and digital literacy
  • ICT - the cross curricula use of digital technology

The DTIF consists of three main dimensions, which are illustrated in Figure 1 and explained below it. The DTIF is fundamentally the same as the ICT Innovation Framework (ICTIF) that was used by the NP3 Project - the only differences being the labels used in the Quantity dimension.

Figure 1 Diagrammatic overview of the Digital Technology Impact Framework (DTIF)

The Quantity dimension

Quantity relates to the proportion of available study time that digital technology isbeing used by the learner. This underpins the other two dimensions.

The Focus dimension

The Focus categorises the objectives underlying the use of digital technology.

As illustrated in Figure 1, if digital technology is not in use then the Focus dimension does not apply.

Category Definition
Computing Using digital technology in order to help children to develop their Computing skills, knowledge and understanding
ICT Using digital technology in order to support any aspect of children's learning other than Computing itself
Other Using digital technology for any reason not covered by Computing or ICT

The Mode dimension

The Mode Dimension of the CPF builds upon the Focus dimension, as illustrated in Figure 1, to show the impact that digital technology might have when the Focus is ICT. The Mode specifically looks at the impact of using digital technology in relation to changes in the curriculum and pedagogy, as illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Diagrammatic overview of the Mode Dimension of the DTIF

DTIF Mode.jpg