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The Schome Initiative has identified assessment as being one of the main barriers to change in education (in a context in which accountability and assessment are closely linked) - see The assessment problem for more info.

Learning Analytics (which includes Social Learning Analytics) looks like one of the most promising potential ways forward. While there is potential here, we must be cautious not to fall into the same traps of previous assessments - focussing on summative assessments and transactional epistemology (?) see [1] for further discussion.

This Educause article discusses assessment and LA further [2]

Notes to integrate

  • One key 21st century skill is the use of search engines to find and evaluate information. This page on search engines discusses this further, in particular regarding Denmark's inclusion of internet in their exams

Shepherd, J. (2010, August 18). Exams: changing habits may spell end for pen-and-paper tests. Retrieved from


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