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ARTS stands for Additional Routes To Success.

The ARTS Programme consists of a set of related projects looking at different ways of enhancing the success of young people both within and after their schooling.

The ultimate aims of the ARTS Programme is to make schooling fit for purpose - including ensuring that it provides appropriately for all young people so that they can all succeed (whilst recognising that success will mean different things for different young people and that there is no one model that will work for all people in all contexts).

Current project within the ARTS Programme include:

  • The ARTS-Pilot which is looking at the range of pathways available to students in Australia when they leave school, with a particular focus on non-ATAR based pathways
  • The FEDUA Internship Scheme - which has part-funded work by a BEd student at the University of Newcastle to work with Peter Twining on the ARTS-Pilot.

Current bids for funding within the ARTS Programme include:

  • The LinkedUp Pilot - a small scale, one year, pilot to explore the use of LinkedIn by Year 11 and 12 students in New South Wales (NSW) - see the LinkedUp page
  • ARTS LinkedUp - a three year project looking at the use of LinkedIn by Year 11 and 12 students, with follow up in the year after they have left school - see the LinkedUp page
  • The Summer Internship - which will extend the ARTS-Pilot by extending the existing FEDUA Internship for another 120 hours
  • Digital Badges