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Zuniga, R. (2012) To BYOT or not to BYOT? Sungard K-12 education blog. http://blogs.sungard.com/ps_k12/2012/02/28/to-byot-or-not-to-byot/ (accessed 23-08-2012)

Defines BYOT as "students are allowed to bring in their personal laptops, cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices to use throughout the instructional day."

Those for BYOT suggest it will revolutionise education.

Those against BYOT suggest it would do more damage than good.

Major concerns about BYOT:[edit]

Technologist concerns:

1. Difficult to control the spread of viruses

2. Technicians will be unable to support such a diverse array of devices.

Teacher concerns:

1. Access to non-instructional material will be a distraction

2. Teachers will be unable to monitor students if they're using non-school devices

3. Fear of being "shown up" by more tech-savvy students

4. Fear that video of them will be posted on internet

Legal requirements:

1. Interferes with schools' legal duty of e-safety


1. May amplify gap between haves and have-nots

2. Can school/district afford the required number of loan machines

3. May over-ride parental wishes to supervise/restrict internet access

If you want to implement BYO:

1. Leaders must address concerns in advance

2. Policies to deal with abuse need to be in place and communicated

Zuniga believes its too early to tell whether BYOT will be accepted in schools. But care must be taken with implementation. A botched BYOT scheme probably will do more harm than good.