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About Us

The Digital Leaders are a group of students from (name of school) that lead innovative ICT practice at (name of school) and meet regularly. They contribute to ICT innovation and curriculum development and contribute to school ICT policy. What are the aims of the Digital Leader programme in our school?

  • Connecting students through a passion for technology
  • Connecting teachers with students through sharing a passion for technology
  • Students supporting teachers with technology
  • Connecting teachers through their passion for sharing technology with students
  • Creators of digital media for our school
  • 1st Level IT support from students for their classes
  • Sharing open content about the programme through Vital.ac.uk

Interested in learning more, then see the contact us page.

Contact Us

Want to know more about the Digital Leader project from a students point of view? Read through the blog posts, you will get a feel for who and what we do. If you would like the Digital Leaders to 'Cover It Live' @ your school or company event, then all we ask is that you cover our expenses and provide us with food, water, space to work (a little bigger than a cupboard, an office will do, a room is better), two wired internet connections and a named contact to work with. You can reach us by leaving a comment here on this blog or by phoning the college.

OR If you would like (name of school) Digital Leaders to come and work with your Digital Leaders, the answer is 'Yes, we would love to.' However, we again respectfully ask that you cover our expenses. Thinking even more positively? Thinking about establishing your own Digital Leaders at your school? Well, you have three options available. You can register at www.vital.ac.uk - where you will find all the resources, letters, graphics, curriculum courses, contacts, software links, hardware recommendations (free for you to use), as well as accessing a support network of other schools and teachers; or you could visit our staff Digital Leader blog at www.DigitialLeaders.co.uk; or ask us to come and talk to your Governors or Senior Leadership Team. Believe me, our leadership experiences are motivating and we are semi-professionals at this.

OR If you are just passing through, then leave us a comment.