Wireless networking in schools

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Notes - stuff to integrate[edit]

Williams, B. (2004) Practical Steps to Wireless Networking in Schools. Microsoft. Word document. Download (accessed 12-Nov-2012)

Information from Jigsaw 24: Make your IT future-proof - which includes info about wireless options, device management, and file sharing.

Information from RM: Wireless Networking for Schools - a webpage providing links to lots of other info on the subject including:

Becta (2003) Wireless networks. Download

WLAN Best Practices Guide (2011) Government of Alberta. Chapter 2 gives an overview of wireless technology, Chapter 3 suggests how to plan your wireless network. Download

SecurEdge networks has a blog with various relevant postings, including:

Wireless Network Solutions Review - Top four key strategic requirements for building a wireless network - which provides a link to their 2012 Network Buyers Guide, which requires you to register before accessing.