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Walsh, K. (2012) Embracing the Cell Phone in the Classroom With Text Messaging Assignments. Blog post. http://www.emergingedtech.com/2012/05/embracing-the-cell-phone-in-the-classroom-with-text-messaging-assignments/ (accessed 23-08-2012)

Links to a number of other blogs and resources concerning text-messaging in school. This blog post adopts the BYOT premise of starting from the technology that students widely use, rather than that imposed by the school.

Students liked the versatility that mobile phones and text-messaging provide, enabling them to access course materials and communicate with peers and teachers while riding on the bus, waiting to be picked up, or during other ‘down’ time. Since interactivity in (and out of) the classroom can “promote an active learning environment, facilitate the building of a learning community, provide feedback and increase student motivation”,