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Welcome316:33, 14 October 2015

Hi Lisette - its great to have you as part of the community. It would help others if you could tell us a bit about yourself (in relation to on your user/profile page. I have given you upload rights so that you could add a picture of yourself or other images (subject to IPR). Looking forward to collaborating with you.

PeterT (talk)08:19, 9 September 2015

Thanks for updating your profile/User page. Learning analytics - or at least Social Learning Analytics - looks like it offers great potential to transform how we assess learning. Simon and Rebecca have contributed some info to about learning analytics - feel free to add to or otherwise enhance that ...

PeterT (talk)07:09, 14 October 2015

That looks very comprehensive, yes, will add with some of the work that I have been involved in with Dr Bart Rienties and Dr Annie Bryan.

Lie1979 (talk)07:19, 14 October 2015

That would be great. Thanks Lisette.

PeterT (talk)16:33, 14 October 2015