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I am about to embark on a PhD pathway in Education and I intend to look at Thinking skills, pupil enjoyment, and understanding in years 7-13 (11-18-year-old) in the UK.

I hope to use this theme and my MA modules to feed into this and these are: -

  • Barriers to learning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Inclusive education
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research methods
  • Thesis

Teaching and Learning is a passion of mine and throughout my own 20 years of teaching experience both locally (in the UK) and internationally (Thailand and NZ), I have found that "Enjoying the Learning" is a very big part of the process. Together with this is the preferred learning style, I have found that progression and achievement go hand in hand. I feel that with further study and investigation I could demonstrate this.

My teaching over the years has also enhanced collaboration to overcome challenges and accelerated the learning by achieving above and beyond the original remit.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

― Margaret Mead


Differences between pupils’ learning style preferences and the dominant methods used in their learning contexts have been suggested to contribute to low levels of engagement, progression and understanding.

The aims of this study will be to: -

1. examine the relationships between children’s learning style preferences and key stage 3 readiness through to key stage 4 achievement; and finally 2. through intervention , to evaluate the impact of learning to learn education strategies on pupil engagement/enjoyment and understanding levels of in formal learning.

A multiple baseline design across participants (Y7,Y8 & Y9) will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of this multisensory educational approach (VAK). Results will be analysed using a variety of correlational and multivariate analysis of variance [DA2 ] methods. The study effects are anticipated to make a significant contribution to the setting of education by providing a rigorous evaluation of the impact of multisensory strategies on key learning outcomes in key stage 3 educational settings

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