Let us hope that "ICT" is dead and buried

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Re Digital technology

Crispin said:

As for the hardware and software — what you call “Digital technology” — I suspect that we will end up with a mish-mash of terms like “subject-specific technology”, “IT infrastructure”, “the network” etc. The danger, which I am not sure how to avoid, is that we use “IT” to refer both to the hardware and software being used, and on the other hand to the subject. For that reason, I think the use of “digital technology” is not a bad idea. But I am not convinced it will ever catch on. Nor do I think that the lack of a formal taxonomy in this respect will do much harm, mainly because “IT” as a curriculum subject is itself an umbrella term, which I suspect will be little used. In practice, people will be studying “digital art”, “digital games creation”, “network administration”, “database architecture”, “web design” etc.

I fear you are right - but would like to avoid that, which is exactly why I have suggested the term. Whether or not it catches on depends upon whether sufficient of us use it consistently ...

PeterT14:27, 5 May 2013