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You are quite correct Crispin that customisation within SoURCE did NOT involve changing the pedagogy embedded within the software. The ability to customise the software for use in different contexts (e.g. with different artefacts for 'sorting') was part of the software design. This was not where the problems occurred.

The problems were when someone came to implement the use of an instantiation of software that had already been customised. For example: Elicitation Engine (EE) Shell - customised by adding some artefacts => An instantiation of the EE. This then gets used in some teaching context. It is at this point that the pedagogy is undermined - for example by the 'teacher' telling the students what categories to use to sort the objects rather than expecting them to come up with their own categories.

This sort of undermining of the pedagogy that was designed into the software occurred frequently in our experience, even when the teachers had engaged in professional development that was intended to help them understand how the software was designed to be used. They used it in ways that fitted with their existing pedagogical practice by and large - rather than the pedagogical practices designed into the software.

PeterT06:19, 17 June 2013