Responding to the NC Consultation

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How could I improve my (draft) response to the NC consultation?

Which bits of my draft response do you agree with?

How would you like me to change the bits you don't agree with (or just think could be improved)?

PeterT16:22, 13 March 2013

Peter - with regard to the comment re the use of 'books' the following quote might help:

‘ of mid-2010, almost one third of the world’s population uses the internet. Digital technologies have changed the ways texts are produced and displayed; and those changes have had an impact on how students read’ PISA 2009 Results: Students on line- Volume IV (c) OECD 2011

Waltatek09:41, 5 April 2013

Wish I'd had that quote/reference in my response to the Consultation.

PeterT05:52, 7 April 2013