new OECD PISA report finds no effect of ICT in schools on attainment

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A new OECD report: 'Students, computers and learning' claims that on the basis of PISA survey results, using ICT in schools does not improve attainment. The findings suggest that the impact of ICT use for disadvantaged students may even be detrimental to their test results. However, as Jeppe Bundsgaard, from University of Aarhus (Denmark) argues, just because schools are using ICT, there hasn't necessarily been a change in the pedagogy that teachers practice. In Denmark, where investment in ICT in education is among the highest in the OECD countries, Bundsgaard explains that there has been little thought as to what the pedagogical purposes of using ICT might be. This is of course where the NP3 project comes in - we will be exploring how, if at all, digital technology has had an impact on pedagogy and what a pedagogical model, which integrates children's digital learning practices, might look like. Interestingly, despite the negative findings, Andreas Schleicher, the education director at OECD, does not recommend that we stop using ICT in education, as it is an integral part of society. What are you thoughts on these new PISA results?

Amelia H-J (talk)08:52, 15 September 2015

This fits with the general evidence - if you add digital technology to schools without changing the metrics against which students' progress (and school's performance) is judged (e.g. in England GCSEs/A levels) then don't expect to see any improvement in those metrics. See, for example, the explanation of ETAG's thinking on assessment.

PeterT (talk)10:38, 15 September 2015