Positive effect of banning mobile phones in schools - especially for 'disadvantaged' students

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Yes I agree that it looks at a very narrow set of outcomes and does not take other important aspects of learning into account, such as students engaging with learning agentically - which technology can potentially provide affordances for. I thought this particular research was interesting because it gained media attention in the UK and internationally (my mum emailed me an article reporting on it in the Danish press) and a headline such as 'banning mobile phones raises attainment' can make technology itself seem like the culprit rather than the pedagogy it is used within.

I'm also skeptical that we can 'control' for every social factor that can affect attainment. For example, how do you control for institutional racism? We know from other research that this is a significant reason for low attainment amount some disadvantaged students of colour. Deficit perceptions of disadvantaged students influence pedagogical practices and we probably need to challenge these in order for technology to be harnessed effectively in order to provide pedagogical affordances for students to exercise learner agency.

Amelia H-J (talk)13:45, 10 September 2015