Should mobile devices be banned in school?

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I agree that teacher anxiety about a range of issues is a major barrier to moving towards widespread use of mobile devices in schools (yet alone BYO approaches). I have recently had a paper published that (amongst other things) tries to clarify what we mean by BYO (and how it differs to 1:1) - the key point being that BYO may mean that not every child has a device whereas 1:1 involves every child having a device. Our current research seems to indicate that the vast majority of young people, even those from low SES contexts, have access to mobile devices outside school (which is not to say that they would necessarily be allowed, able or willing to bring a mobile device into school on a regular basis).

The issue of controlling the content that pupils access is a difficult one for schools given the requirements upon them to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect young people. However, the approach ought in my view to be one of educating young people about the risks associated with Internet use and ways in which to both manage their online data and to deal appropriately with material that is inappropriate etc..

A major challenge for us all is the level of risk aversion within schools and other areas of life.

PeterT (talk)10:20, 24 November 2016