ICT - a damaged brand?

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I'm not sure I totally agree with you PSpalding. In principe I agree that it is most effective to learn skills in context, but

  • There is a real danger of teachers focussing on the things they feel comfortable with, which may mean for some/many children that they are not taught effective ICT skills
  • ICT is not just about skills see my earlier attempt at a definition
  • The system, and in particular the assessment and accountability elements of it, mitigate against the use of digital technology much/most of the time. Combine this with the endemic and growing level of risk aversion in education and it is no wonder that most teachers don't experiment with the new pedagogical models that would fit best with the use of digital technology (but represent a transformation of practice according to the Education Innovation Framework (EdIF)).
PeterT08:01, 3 January 2013