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I have been asked how much CPD are we talking about? - and to be honest that is a pretty difficult question to answer.

I recon that there are over 200,000 full time primary school teachers in England, of whom most would need some input to help them with the new ICT PoS (if the 2nd draft was implemented). Once folk got over the fright of the terminology I think we would find that most primary school teachers already teach programming (using programmable toys such as Big Track, Pip or Roamer) and already cover most of the other aspects. The emphasis towards Computer Science is changed and many teachers would need CPD to support them in moving beyond programmable toys to using programming tools such as Scratch.

I have much less idea about the number of staff in secondary schools who would need CPD in order to be able to meet the new requirements - lets assume a couple of ICT teachers in each secondary school and roughtly 3,400 secondary schools - that makes 6,800 ICT specialists. I'd guess that 80% or more of those would need staff development in order to be able to effectively teach the more complex aspects of Computer Science within the draft ICT PoS.

Do you think my figures look about right?

PeterT17:30, 12 December 2012

My guess would be that close to 100% of secondary ICT teachers would need CPD in some aspects of the new PoS. There may well be many who can manage the coding elements, many that can teach the hardware stuff and many who understand the networking material. I'd be very surprised if there were any more than a handful who would be able to teach it all without help.

Alexchristiejones13:03, 14 December 2012

How many secondary ICT teachers are there? Is my guesstimate of 6,800 anywhere close to the mark?

PeterT06:53, 17 December 2012