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I think the terms suggested by Peter below are much more clear than simply using ICT as an inclusive concept.

"Digital technology to refer to the technology itself ICT to refer to the subject called ICT Embedded technology to refer to the use of digital technology where it has changed the nature of other subjects as is thus now an integral part of them TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) where digital technology extends our repertoire of teaching strategies/methods (Pedagogy)"

"I have to admit that I struggle with whether or not technology is a plural noun – do I need to say technologies?" (Peter). Hmm, couldn't find ways to quote others, so I have used "...". - While reading ICT PoS document, I have found different terms which to me seem similar in terms of meaning they conveyed. For example, digital systems, digital technologies, digital media. I don't see clear distinctions between them!!

HimalayanYati16:49, 27 November 2012

I agree that we need to get our terminology straight but do not find Peter's suggestions particularly helpful.

Digital technology. Isn't "IT" much more commonly accepted?

ICT If we *have* to because of statute - but then only as an umbrella term. I would prefer "Computing". See argument and references given above.

Embedded technology See my argument against this term at and

TEL See my argument against this acronym at I think "education technology" is much better.

Crispin Weston19:38, 5 December 2012