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If you don't have access to an academic library then getting your hands on research papers and the like can be quite a challenge. To help with this we are starting to:

Peer Reviewed Journals[edit]

Open access[edit]

Here is a list of open access education journals (pdf), compiled by Sunil Behari Mohanty in January 2014. These may not all be peer-reviewed - but useful none the less.



Innovating Pedagogy : This is the first in a series of reports that explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. The first report proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education.

Other sources[edit]

Research repositories[edit]

  • Open Research Online is the Open University's repository of research publications (many of which are available to download in full or you can request copies from the author free of charge).
  • Routledge Education Class of 2012 free access to a selection of journal articles from the Routledge stable.

Specialist Search Engines[edit]

Image downloaded from Open Clipart Licensed under CC0 PD Dedication
  • Google Scholar is a useful tool for locating 'research' material online. Many of the sources returned are free to access, others require you to have a login (eg via an academic library) or charge you to download the article.
  • Microsoft has a similar academic search for research material with a few nice features, some of which exemplify Learning Analytics techniques such as social network analysis. It can be found

EdFutures and Research Implications[edit]

As well as being an obvious source (and outcome) of research, new learning technologies also have implications for how research is conducted, assessed, disseminated, etc. See the CETIS report which includes a large discussion of bibliometrics [1]


  1. Van Harmelen, Mark. Analytics for Understanding Research A Briefing Paper. CETIS Analytics Series. JISC CETIS, November 2012.