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LinkedUp explores the use of LinkedIn with young people to:

  • enhance their understanding of the wide range of careers that are available (who ever thought you could be a personal shopper?)
  • help them see what they need to achieve in order to succeed in their chosen career
  • develop their 'living CV' to demonstrate the full range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values (competencies) they have developed
  • build their professional networks

LinkedUp is part of the Additional Routes To Success (ARTS) programme.

The overall LinkedUp programme consists of the following elements:

  • establishing a baseline of 'LinkedIn use' by young people - see the LinkedIn baseline survey
  • supporting young people in developing their use of LinkedIn for the four purposes listed above
  • coordinating a task force to:
    • explore what key stakeholders (e.g. recruiters, admissions officers) need in order to support their recruitment of school leavers
    • identify what the barriers are to providing what they need
    • decide how to overcome those barriers and implement the necessary actions

The research team

The team working on the LinkedUp project include:

Prof. Peter Twining Project lead The University of Newcastle (Australia)
Dr. James Ladwig Coordinating Phase 1 - The baseline survey The University of Newcastle (Australia)
Dr. Rachel Buchanan Coordinating Phase 2 - Use of LinkedIn The University of Newcastle (Australia)
Prof. Tristram Hooley International collaborator University of Derby (UK)
Dr. Ana García Díaz International collaborator Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) (Spain)
Jodie Mowczko Research assistant The University of Newcastle (Australia)

Further info

If you are interested in finding out more then contact Peter Twining.