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Lee, M. (2012) BYOT. Prepared for The Australian Educational Leader Vol 1, 2012. http://byot.me/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/BYOT-PDF.pdf. (accessed 23-08-2012)

For Lee, BYOT is inevitable and its not just a technical development. He calls on school leaders to construct a BYOT implementation strategy that has a chance of achieving "normalised 100% student usage".


1. Technology is chosen by the student and/or family

2. Personalisation of teaching and learning in and out of school

3. In-school technology use is an extension of students' existing technology use

4. Respect for student ownership of technology and information stored on it

There are (so-called) BYOT schemes that seek to impose technology on the students.

Six megatrends that impel schools towards BYOT:

1. Normalised use of personal digital devices

2. Growing educative capacity of students' homes

3. Cloud computing

4. Parent digital empowerment (? - SD)

5. Governments' inability to fund 1 to 1 computing

6. Evolution of digital, networked schooling

Also recognition that the market is a better judge of appropriate personal digital technology than any group of ICT experts.

Readiness entails:

1. Head ready to lead

2. Teachers, parents and students ready to collaborate

3. School has an infrastructure capable of normalised use of students' own technologies

He concludes that the greatest challenge with BYOT will be human. The technical aspect is easy.