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The Future of Schooling | 12 Curriculum, Pedagogy and Learning

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Of course what you teach (the curriculum) has implications for how you support learning (pedagogy) - so that is the focus of the next clip (and I slip in a bit of learning theory just for fun - well actually cos it is critically important!).

You might want to get a drink/have a break before you watch this clip - it is a bit longer and perhaps a bit denser than the others. Indeed, you may want to watch it through once without taking notes, and then watch it again whilst taking some notes.

Remember to think about whether you find my argument persuasive - and why ...

Do you buy my argument about how people learn and thus how we should teach? Why/Why not?

What implications does my argument have for how you think we should support learners in school - in practical terms what might you do differently?

Jot down some notes in response to these questions.

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