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The Future of Schooling | 1 Introduction

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On each page of the materials I either:

  • provide a video clip with some suggestions for things that you should focus on (and write notes about) as you watch the video and/or
  • ask you to share your ideas about some aspect of schooling via a poll/survey.

Most of the video clips are less than four minutes long.

At times I refer to 'the workbook' - which means these materials.

As folk complete the polls I will share the results with you and you have the opportunity to discuss them. I will update the results monthly or whenever there have been more than 100 responses.


This set of materials serves two purposes:

  • It aims to enhance your thinking about schooling
  • It is a mechanism to collect data to feed into my research on the future of schooling - if you choose to fill in the polls/surveys.

You can work through the materials without completing some or all of the polls/surveys (though this will provide you with a less effective learning experience).

If you are under 18 years old you MUST have your parent/carer's agreement to take part in this research (i.e. to complete any of the polls/surveys).

By submitting your responses to the polls you are giving your informed consent for that data to be included in my research.

Any data you generate by submitting the polls/surveys will feed into my work on the future of schooling. As such it will be analysed and may be included in research reports in a range of formats. Before the data you submit is analysed it will be de-identified.

Before you go any further please fill in this form to provide some information about yourself or if you don't want to contribute to the research then just click on the 'Next Page' link below.

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