Final version of the Computing PoS

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The new National Curriculum is out. The Computing Programmes of Study hasn't changed much - but for the sake of completeness I have provided an analysis by Key Stage.

In the analyses below the left hand column shows the Draft PoS for Computing that was issued in July 2013. The right hand column shows the final version of the Computing PoS issued on the 11th September 2013.

  • Text in pink in the left hand column is stuff that hand changed since the previous version.
  • Text that is crossed out in the left hand column does not appear in the final version.
  • Text in red in the right hand column is new.
  • Text in orange in the right hand column is slightly different to the previous draft, but not significantly so.

Key Stage 1
Computing Draft vs Final KS1 13-09-12.jpg
Note: This image was changed on the 24-Sept-2013 to correct an error in the original version.

Key Stage 2
Computing Draft vs Final KS2 13-09-12.jpg

Key Stage 3
Computing Draft vs Final KS3 13-09-12.jpg

Key Stage 4
Computing Draft vs Final KS4 13-09-12.jpg