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It is thought that a Digital Leader Bootcamp helps bind the Digital Leaders as an effective group by giving them an immediate feeling of importance and responsibility. With just a brief overview of a Digital Leader programme, it is quickly apparent that your Digital Leader programme may otherwise flounder if students are not supported and skilled up at the outset.

For example, a Digital Leader may be supporting a teacher connecting to the wireless in one lesson, yet introducing a new website or piece of software to the class as the ‘tech expert,’ in the next. More sensitively, they may work coaching 1-2-1 with a teacher during a staff INSET or a peer in an after school workshop. You may choose to ask your Digital Leaders to record an educational trip, or conversely, record a visit to your school by a VIP. You may choose to employ the panel of Digital Leaders as part of the recruitment process, or ask Digital Leaders to share their experiences with prospective staff or a school governor. Digital Leaders may be trusted to steer hardware or software choices and even report their findings to the school leadership team, in much the same way that Student Voice reports on more general school issues. Digital Leaders may also represent the school when reporting as a team of journalists and covering live events, introducing themselves to potential interview candidates, creating and sharing content for the schools VLE, blogs or website, whilst working to time constraints. Digital Leaders may also choose to publish interesting curricular and extra-curricular content. This breadth of coverage requires an investment in their personal and leadership development.

We appreciate time is precious in schools and therefore recommend that the bootcamp be run over an introductory half day and one full day. The DL Bootcamp outline was drawn up by 5 teachers and an IT business manager / staff CPD leader. The resources were then written by Janet Habis, an English teacher and Kristian Still, an ICT/PE teacher to reduce the burden of creating your own resources. Their aim was to interpret the outline and to present a broad framework from which any teacher, from any subject, with an interest in educational technology, could tailor and run their own DL Bootcamp for DL students. This said, a degree of consistency was considered of value, should Digital Leaders from disparate school wish to collaborate and work together in the future.