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CoSN (2012) Making Progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media. Policy Paper. Consortium for School Networking Initiative (CoSN). (accessed 20-Aug-2012)

The paper is based on a workshop in Washington (D.C.) involving "senior-level representatives from state and national organizations".

This paper makes several observations:

1. There is widespread use of mobile devices by young people

2. There are substantial educational benefits to be had - BYOD bridges formal/informal learning, learners can construct their own learning environments, learners can get real-time feedback etc.

3. Policies need to be modified to reflect new realities

4. Legitimate concerns need to be addressed - sexting, cyberbullying etc.

5. Equity - need to address stigma associated with using borrowed devices.


1. Banning is not the answer.

2. Change focus from acceptable use policies to responsible use policies - treating the student as a person.

3. Educational use can only improve student use outside of school

4. Professional development needed for all stakeholder groups