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This is a list of sites that provide advice about iPad and Android apps for education. Many of the best educational apps aren't normally free. However, they often have offers for limited periods. Apps such as AppZapp Pro highlight new offers, and might save you money. Also, Apple Volume Purchase Scheme is very beneficial for educational institutes to purchase iOS apps and books in volume and distribute them to students, teachers, administrators, and employees.

If you want to manage sets of iPads, as part of a Mobile loan or BYOD strategy, then Apple Configurator (on a Mac) or Meraki might be useful - they both enable you to configure multiple iPads including installing specified apps.

Also, it may be worth checking out Jill Thompson's App Evaluation Rubric. It helps you focus on how well the app does in respect of various criteria, such as links to the curriculum, Bloom's (revised) Taxonomy and how engaging it is.

  • Shiny Things have a collection of mathematic apps for iOS which can be used to support classroom learning. **View the collection on the App Store. They claim it suits learnings from PK - thru to Grade 6 (Foundation to Year 6).
  • iPads for Learning The Victorian government school system website elaborating their internationally recognised digital learning initiatives. The website lists subject-wise educational apps, classroom ideas, case studies, and other nuts and bolts required to promote personalised learning in schools through iPad.
  • iPads in Primary, developed by Roydon Primary School, is a fantastic site in my opinion. It provides summaries of some great apps, organised by 'subject'. Many of these apps are relevant to secondary and special schools too.
  • iPad in Education- A website by a freelance apple education mentor in England concerned with using iPad for learning and teaching. The site's content reflects practice from other counties and contexts in order to explore and learn from a wide field. The website also has comprehensive list of apps for educational purpose and in a range of subject areas, both for the teachers and students
  • Back to school apps is a comprehensive list of utility iPad apps for the classroom. Eg- taking poll, creating and publish videos,creating digital books, creating annotations etc.
  • An Introductory Guide to iPad for Teachers- A comprehensive list of iPad apps for professional use of teachers (not as a classroom resource). The blog lists essential information for teachers to get started with the use of technology in the classrooms.
  • Duck Duck Moose is an award-winning creator of educational children’s applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. The apps range from musical story-telling to English learning to fun mathematics.
  • Digicubes is a free iPad app for number representation on iPad that help children explore number patterns, and different forms of representing a number.