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The Yin-Yang vision was developed as a global vision for education, which could act as a unifying framework for education across the world, whilst allowing for localisation in each different education jurisdiction. Figure 1 shows the overarching vision.

Figure 1 The Yin-Yang vision for education

Yin-yang vision.jpeg

The Yin-Yang vision needs to be unpacked on order to make it actionable, and thus to inform strategy. This is illustrated in Figure 2 (see Yin-Yang versions for previous incarnations of the vision).

Figure 2 The Yin-Yang vision unpacked (6-Nov-2017)

Yin-yang vision 17-11-06.jpeg

The first version of the Yin-Yang vision was shared with educators representing eight countries (Cambodia, Morocco, Thailand, USA, England, Ireland, Finland, Bulgaria) who were all part of a working group (looking at the issue of alignment in education) at EDUsummIT 2017. They all agreed that it would work well in their country. It was then shared with all of the members of EDUsummIT 2017, who represented over 29 countries, and again was well received.

The Yin-Yang vision addresses Goal 4 of UNESCO's sustainable development goals, which specifically calls for equality of access to education and the promotion of life-long learning. It also encapsulates all of the other sustainable development goals.

The key implementation challenge is getting agreement about how to decide if you are moving towards the achievement of the Yin-Yang vision - what metrics should you use?