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A real passion for free education opportunities that involve the use of Online Learning Communities. Online Learning Communities (OLCs) are a new area of learning experience. We are all familiar with the traditional role of instructor and student carried out in a classroom. We all have our own experiences of what worked for us and what did not. We may have had the elation of receiving a certificate followed by the question what happens next? Is the learning over? What if I am still no longer clear about the bits I understood and the bits I did not? How can I keep in touch?

The questions may be applied to all stages of life. Leaving school and entering work or further study, working and growing personally in your chosen area of life, then making the transition into well earned leisure time of retirement all have challenges that may be helped by community of learners. The challenge today is that of Life Long Learning. Open Online Learning Communities are a way to do this as you pass through the three ages of man.

Bringing local communities together in Life Long Learning founded by Philip Spalding

UK Online Learning Communities can be found at

Haverhill Online Learning Communities can be found at