UNESCO (2012)

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UNESCO (2012) Draft UNESCO Policy Guidelines on Mobile Learning. http://is.gd/zvFKv9 (accessed 8-Sept-2012)

This report is generally supportive of mobile learning and advocates putting in place policies to promote effective use of mobile learning.

It argues that mobile devices are continually evolving and becoming increasingly prevalent, especially in developing countries. Mobile learning is fundamentally different from earlier e-learning because the hardware is far more affordable and therefore easily self-procured and managed. While mobile learning is not a panacea, it is a powerful and often overlooked tool.

The report offers policy recommendations under the following headings:

1. Create or update policies related to mobile learning

2. Train teachers to advance learning through mobile technologies

3. Provide support and training to teachers through mobile technologies

4. Optimize educational content for use on mobile devices

5. Ensure gender equality for mobile students

6. Expand and improve connectivity options while ensuring equity

7. Develop strategies to provide devices for students who cannot afford them

8. Use mobile technology to improve communication and education management

9. Promote the safe, responsible, and healthy use of mobile technologies

10. Raise awareness of mobile learning through advocacy, leadership, and dialogue

The report concludes that the learning potential of mobile devices is impressive and their ability to address pressing educational needs is likely to expand.