Trying to reach you, Peter

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Hi Peter,

I tried to reach you via the email in the whois records, but the email bounced. This is Larry Johnson, founder and longtime author of the NMC Horizon Reports. I've retired (just this week) and want to continue to dabble. I have a small little company (not for profit) that has the same name as your website.

I notice the website is not connected to anything, and your blog uses the .net version.

I wonder if you would consider transferring the .org domain to me?

Of course, I will happily cover any costs.

All the best,

Larry Johnson

Drljohnson (talk)18:15, 4 May 2016

Hi Larry.

Let's discuss this via email. I am Peter.Twining at


PeterT (talk)01:14, 5 May 2016