Trying out liquid threads

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Well done Arided for setting up liquid threads.

I'm wondering whether this will mean we don't need any other forum software, which would make life easier. The key will be how well liquid threads works. Do share your thoughts about it by responding to this message.

PeterT06:29, 16 November 2012

So far so good. A key test will be how well it displays threaded discussions. Given its name I am expecting great things of it!

PeterT06:31, 16 November 2012

Still looking good on the presentation of threads.

This is where it starts to get more complicated of course, with replies to replies and the like.

PeterT06:33, 16 November 2012

Reply to reply to a reply ...

PeterT06:46, 16 November 2012

Ok so presentation of threads works well.

Next question will be about stats - does it allow you to get summaries of numbers of posts by month I wonder?

PeterT06:48, 16 November 2012

Hi Peter: I'm sure I can pull all the stats you'd need out of the database. I'll investigate the table structure a little further but it should be pretty easy.

Arided11:55, 16 November 2012

In an ideal world I'd like to be able to click on a link that gives me info on contributions to discussions a bit like the way that SMF does, as well as similar sorts of stats for the pages. Being able to export into excel would be an added bonus.

PeterT06:58, 20 November 2012

In an ideal world I'd like to be able to click a link and generate data like SMF does re discussion contributions plus one on pages themselves.

PeterT07:01, 20 November 2012

Ah - interesting - these have how appeared. Maybe it was cos my iPad couldn't display them but my Mac can?

PeterT14:51, 20 November 2012

First reply to a reply to parent post worked ok.

How about this second reply to a reply to the parent?

PeterT06:35, 16 November 2012

It is interesting comparing the advantage of having threaded discussions which put new posts below older ones, with something like SMF which lacks threading and puts new posts at the top of their topic.

PeterT06:38, 16 November 2012

I'm wondering now if the position of a topic depends on when it was last edited or on when the parent was created. If the latter then this topic should stay below the one on topic order.

PeterT06:44, 16 November 2012

It's working very well indeed. It reminded me of Schome!!

HimalayanYati14:36, 20 November 2012