The Future of Schooling

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A miniMOOC by Peter Twining, created in 2020.

This isn't really a MOOC, mini or otherwise - it is a set of materials that you can work through independently.

These materials explore the need for schooling to change, visions for schooling in the future, and a suggestion about a strategy for moving towards a new vision for schooling.


This set of materials serves two purposes:

  • It aims to enhance your thinking about schooling
  • It is a mechanism to collect data to feed into my research on the future of schooling - if you choose to contribute to the forum discussions, fill in the polls/surveys, and/or complete the final task (in Part 3).

You can work through the materials without contributing to the forum discussions, and/or completing some or all of the polls/surveys, and/or completing the final task in Part 3 (though this will provide you with a less effective learning experience).

By contributing to the forum discussions, submitting your responses to the polls in Part 1, and/or uploading your artefact from Part 3 you are giving your informed consent for that data to be included in my research.

Any data you generate in the forum discussions, by submitting the polls/surveys in Part 1 and/or the artefact you create in Part 3 will feed into my work on the future of schooling. As such it will be analysed and may be included in research reports in a range of formats. Before the data you submit is analysed it will be anonymised. Note however, that forum posts are in the public domain - anyone can view them. Similarly, if you post your artefact (from Part 3) on the web it will potentially be visible to anyone on the Internet.

Find out more about the research

The materials

This materials take approximately 6 hours to complete if you engage with all of the activities.

As you work through the materials you have the opportunity to discuss the issues that the materials addresses. In order to do that you have to be logged in to the website. You can login or register for an account using the links on the top right of this window. EduFutures FoS Homepage login register.png

Part 1

Part 1of the materials is based on my inaugural lecture at the Open University (OU) back in 2019. They set out my views about schooling. Working through Part 1, including completing the polls (which ask for your views on aspects of schooling) should take you about two hours.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Why
1.3 Schooling = quality education
1.4 Schooling is problematic
1.5 The purpose of schooling
1.6 Educational visions
1.7 Values and Beliefs - Challenges
1.8 Rate of change
1.9 Goals (10 mins)
1.10 Curriculum priorities
1.11 Yin-Yang Curriculum
1.12 Curriculum, pedagogy and learning
1.13 Barriers to change
1.14 Assessment, digital technology and change
1.15 Disruptive change strategy
1.16 Summary of my argument
1.17 How am I doing so far?

Part 2

Part 2 provides a number of provocations - video clips, articles and other material that suggest the need for schooling to change. Working through Part 2 should take about two hours - could be more if you are diligent about taking notes (which will help you with Part 3).

2.1 Intro
2.2 Provocation 1 - Shift Happens
2.3 Provocation 2 - Education today and tomorrow
2.4 Provocation 3 - How we learn
2.5 Provocation 4 - From the Schome website
2.6 Provocation 5 - I need my teachers to learn
2.7 Provocation 6 - A vision for K12 students today
2.8 Provocation 7 - A journal article about Schome Park
2.9 Provocation 8 - The school that I'd like

Part 3

Part 3 asks you to create your own provocation that describes how you think schooling should be and persuades people of the need to move towards your vision for schooling - and then share it by posting a link to it in the Task discussion board. Who knows how long it will take you to do this - allow two hours.

3.1 Your final task

Start working through Part 1