Technical admin support for server

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Jump to: navigation, search currently consists of an installation of MediaWiki. We have full admin access to the server via CPANEL - a fairly standard web based interface to manage a hosted site on a commercial server.

We want to add some extensions to the MediaWiki installation. We also want to set up a discussion forum, ideal SMF, which is integrated with the wiki. With what looks like single sign on.

The Schome wiki and forum have something like the setup we would like. You register with the forum and that also registers you for the wiki. However, somewhat unsatisfactorily you still have to log in to the wiki and forum separately.

Ultimately we want to migrate the Schome website onto the same server as In a perfect world they would all share the same single user database - so single registration/login between the two wikis and forums.

We are looking for someone with proven expertise in managing this sort of technical implementation.

If you are that person then contact email